Friday , September 29 2023

Microsoft Teams Crashes, Thousands of Users Affected

Microsoft Teams Crashes, Thousands of Users Affected — Microsoft Teams is currently experiencing a crash with thousands of users affected. Here is the information.

Microsoft Teams crash is bad news for thousands of users globally. Those affected immediately complained.

At least thousands of users globally have complained about the disruption to the Microsoft Teams or Teams service.

According to a Down Detector report, 3,000 users were affected by this Microsoft Teams disruption. Users cannot take advantage of any features in the application.

Gaby (27) a private employee in Jakarta who is also a Microsoft Teams user, admitted to having experienced the incident.

Microsoft Teams, which he usually uses for meetings with office colleagues, can’t be used since 08.00 WIB.

“Error since 08.00 WIB. It doesn’t affect anything. You can’t click on sign out either. At 09.00 WIB there is a weekly internal meeting, but (the Teams) cannot.

Gaby said the downturn in Microsoft Teams made it difficult to hold meetings with colleagues.

“Error, one hour before the meeting. I’ve restarted the app 2 times and it doesn’t work either. According to information from the internal office, he said it was an error from Microsoft Global,” said Gaby.

There is no information regarding the cause of Microsoft Teams down. Reuters said at this time, Microsoft Corp. is investigating the cause of the disruption of their services.

Microsoft Teams is a platform created by Microsoft. This application allows users to chat, meet, and share notes and attachments.

Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365

Online conferencing or video calling applications allow users and companies to support communication during work or school.

As a result, a number of users complained that their work and educational activities were hampered by this incident.

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